Case Study Of Stroke
(From 27/4/07 To 6/5/07)

A 70 years old male, known diabetic, hypertensive & post coronary artery by pass surgery status, presented with history of weakness of right side of body & postural imbalance. He had a history of sudden onset of vomiting & weakness before 15 days & was admitted to hospital at Mumbai. MRI of brain with angiography was done & was diagnosed to have cerebrovascular stroke.

MRI Shows: Acute infarct in right posterior inferior cerebellar artery. & old ischemic lesion in left basal ganglia, corona radiata & bilateral parietal white matter.

After 1 week of stay he was discharged. At the time of discharge:-

  • Postural imbalance.

  • Weakness of right side of body.

  •  Romberg sign positive.

After 1 week, he came to Amba Health Centre, with

  • Postural imbalance

  • Weakness of right side of body.

On Examination:

  • Romberg sign positive.

  • Intentional tremor with dysmetria & dyssynergia

  • Decreased muscle tone

  • Dysdiadochokinesia present.

  • Ataxic gait

At Amba Health Centre we started Ozone Therapy & Physiotherapy.

Ozone Therapy includes Major Autohaemotherapy, rectal insufflations and ear insufflations.

  • Major Autohaemotherapy: with concentration of 20 – 40 micrograms/ml & flow rate of 250 ml/minutes for 10 days.

  • Rectal insufflations: with concentration of 10 – 40 micrograms/ml & flow rates of 100 ml/minutes for 5 minutes up to 10 days.

  • Ear insufflations:  with concentration of 10 – 30 micrograms/ml & flow rates of 100 ml/minutes for 5 minutes up to only 2 days because  he was feeling uncomfortable with this route.

Physiotherapy includes all coordination exercises, balance exercises, & Gait training.

After 10 days of treatment at AHC:

  • Intentional tremor was reduced by 60%.

  • All co-coordinative movement is improved than before by 40%.

  • Romberg sign is negative.

  • Able to get up from chair with ease.

  • Can perform all his day to day activities without support & feeling very fresh.

  • Postural imbalance was reduced.

  • Gait: - Walking without support & no swaying.                    

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