There are so many benefits of massage with special medicated oils and then taking steam.

  • Massage manipulates the soft tissues allowing toxins to be released.

  • Herbal leaves and certain medicinal powders are boiled and that steam is passed on to the body, inducing sweat, which opens the blocked pores of the skin, thus eliminating impurities from the body through sweat glands.

  • Detoxifies the liver, kidneys and respiratory system.

  • It improves the tone of the body and skin.

  • Reduces body stiffness, aches, pains, and swelling.

  • Reduces fat from under the skin and make skin soft.

  • A totally relaxing and refreshing experience.

  • Helpful in chronic arthritis, osteo arthritis, sciatica.

  • Person sits in comfortable private steam cabinet with head outside the box and cool cloths applied on the forehead.

  • Both local and general steam is given as per the requirement of the patient and as prescribed by the Ayurveda doctor.


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