Physical Therapy is a multidisciplinary health care profession which involves assessment, treatment and prevention of disorders of cardiorespiratory, musculo-skeletal and nervous systems by means of physical agents such as exercises and various electrical modalities.

Physical Therapy includes assessment and evaluation of patient, diagnosis and planning intervention for patients treatment.

Here at AHC, our aim is to help alleviate pain and restore normal movement and functional patterns to help return the body to its natural state. We believe in total rehabilitation of a patient to make him or her as much independent as possible.

On the first day, we do thorough assessment and evaluation of patient including detailed history and investigative procedures to come to the exact diagnosis. We rely much more on manual therapy, like active and passive strectching, passive mobilization of joints including joint gliding rather than on electrical modalities.

We are getting wide variety of cases llike all musculo skeletal cases including osteo-arthritis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, tennis elbow, etc. Post traumatic cases like lumbar and cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder etc. Neurological cases like Hemiplegia, Paraplegia, Cerebral Palsy, Bell's Palsy, Parkinson's Disease etc. Cardiorespiratory cases like Bronchitis, Asthma, Bronchiectasis, etc.

Here in Simandhar City, we have an old age house “Nirant” where majority of geriatric patients frequently require multiple diagnosis in combination with varying attitudes and processes of aging, which if unaddressed may lead to loss of independence, self esteem and quality of life. So our goal for geriatric patients is to promote good health, wellness and to maintain or restore optimum function and independence.

Physical Therapy in combination with alternative therapies like ayurveda, ozone therapy, homoeopathy and naturopathy give very good results in all types of arthritis problems.

Following facilities are available at AHC:

  • Electrical modalities like short wave diathermy
  • Lumbar - cervical traction
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Intereferential therapy with vaccum
  • Infra-red rays (Both Luminous and Non Luminous)
  • Paraffin wax bath
  • 8 channel TENS
  • Muscle Stimulator
  • CPM (Continuous passive motion)
  • Laser therapy

And many more exercise therapy equipments are available like finger and foot exerciser, Parallel bar, Stair case, suspension therapy bed, static cycle. Full Fledge Children section with all equipments specially for Cerebral Palsy with mentally retarded child. We also have different types of massagers and acupuncture machines.

Treatments are available for….

  • Acute and chronic orthopedic conditions including all types of arthritis.
  • Post traumatic stiffness like fracture, rotator cuff injury etc.
  • Back and neck care
  • Work related overuse syndrome
  • Chest physiotherapy
  • Pediatric problems
  • Geriatric problems
  • Neurological problems
  • Antenatal and post natal cases
  • Rehabilitation and reduction
  • We also recommend home exercise program for the patients who cannot come to the centre or after major treatment plan is over.


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