The state of the art pathology lab at AHC provides timely and cost effective service to doctors at AHC for quick diagnosis of ailment. We do the following investigative tests.

Haematology Biochemistry Pre Operative Profile
C.B.C R.B.S. C.B.C. /  E.S.R.
E.S.R. F.B.S. / P.P.B.S. F.B.S. / P.P.B.S.
M.P. S. Creatinine S. Creatinine
Blood Group & RH BL. Urea Urine R/E
BT-CT B.U.N.  Blood Group & RH
Reticulocyte Count S. Uric Acid Prothrombin Time (PT)
Prothrombin Time S.G.P.T. Activated Partial Prothombin Time (A.P.P.T.)
A.P.T.T. S.G.O.T. B.T. / C.T.
Glycosylated Hb(Hb A1C) S. Billirubin H.I.V.
Hemoglobin Electrophoresis S. Protein HBsAG
Fetal H.B. S. ALKPO4 Stool Examination
Absolute Eosinophil Count S. L.D.H. Stool Routine & Microscopic Examination
Diabetic Profile S. Gamma G.T. Stool Culture & Sensitivity
C.B.C. S. Electrolytes(Na,K,Cl) Stool For Occult Blood
F.B.S /P.P.B.S S. Sodium Viral Markers
Hb A1C S. Potassium H.I.V.
S. Creatinine S. Calcium HBsAG
LIPID Profile S. Phosphorus H.I.V.  I & II (ELISA Method)
Urine For Microalbum S. Magnesium HBsAG  (ELISA Method)
E.C.G. S. Bicarbonate H.C.V. (ELISA Method)
Fundoscopy S. Acetone Arthitis Profile  (MINOR)
Bacteriology S. Ketone Bodies C.B.C.
Sputum A.F.B. S. Amylase E.S.R.
Sputum Culture & sensitivity A.F.B. S. Lipase S. Uric Acid
Sputum Culture & sensitivity G.T.T. R.A. Factor (Turbidometery)
Sputum gram stain S. PH Level Arthitis Profile  (MAJOR)
Swab Culture & sensitivity S. Acid Phosphatase C.B.C.
TB IGG Urine Examination E.S.R.
TB IGM Urine Routine & Microscopic Examination S. Uric Acid
Body Fluids Urine Culture & Sensitivity R.A.FACTOR (Turbidometery)
Semen Examination Urine For A.F.B. C Reactive Protein
C.S.F./Pleural/Ascites Urine For Microalbumin A.S.O. Titre
Thyroid Hormones Urine Pregnancy Test Reprodctive Hormones
T.S.H. Urine Test -24 Hour Sample S.F.S.H.
T3,T4,T.S.H. Creatinine Clearance Test S.L.H. (Luteinizing Hormone)
FREE T3 Other Tests S. Prolactin
FREE T4 Acetycholinesterase Antibody S. Progesterone
Anti Thyroid Antibody S.Prostate Specific Antigen S. Testosterone
  C-Peptide S. Estradiol
Liver Panel C-Reactive Protein Fever Profile (MINOR)
S.G.P.T. C3 Compliment C.B.C. / E.S.R.
S.G.O.T. Torch M.P.
S. ALKPO4 S. Insulin S.G.P.T.
S.Billirubin S. Folic Acid Level S. Widal (SLIDE)
Prothrombin Time S. Vitamin B12 Urine R/M
Serum Protein S. Ferritin Fever Profile (MAJOR)
H.B.S.A.G. S. Iron C.B.C. / E.S.R.
R.B.S. S. ANA S.G.P.T.
S.Cholestrol Plasma Fibrinogen S.Typhy Widal (Tube) 
S.Triglyceride Creatine Phosphokinase (CPK) Urine R/M
S.H.D.L. Serology Dengue IGM
S.L.D.L. V.D.R.L. Renal Panel
S.V.L.D.L. S.Widal (SLIDE) Blood Urea
C.H. / H.D. S.Widal (TUBE) S. Creatinine
L.D. / H.D. R.A. Factor  (LATEX Method) S. Uric Acid
Cariac Enzymes R.A. Test  (TURBIDO Method) S. Calcium
C.P.K. (MB) A.S.O. Titre B.U.N. 
Troponin I S. Typhi I.G.G. S. Phosphorus
Allergy Profile S. Typhi I.G.G. / I.G.M. S.L.D.H.
S. IGE. S. Typhi I.G.M. S. Electrolytes, (Na, K, Cl) 
Allergy Profile Dengue I.G.G./I.G.M.  

All laboratory reports are reviewed prior to distribution to ensure the transfer of high quality diagnostic information to the clinical decision maker.



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