At AHC, we have full equipped Dental Clinic taking care of all your oral health. Dental services include state of the art modern dental chair equipped with x-ray capabilities. Following work is being done here:

  • Treatment for dental caries like silver filling, light cure compsites, various tooth coloured restoration with all latest upcoming restorative materials.
  • Replacement of missing tooth with partial dentures or fixed prosthesis like crowns/bridges of metal or tooth colomed (ceramic).
  • Root canal treatments
  • Scaling and deep cleaning
  • Post and core build up of badly broken tooth
  • Extractions of all kinds of teeth even 3rd molar (wisdom tooth) and all upcoming dental procedures for total oral health care.

Newer Added Treatment modality

Implants: It’s a one of the treatment option for the replacement of one or more missing teeth. We do many kinds of implants like: a)Threaded titanium implants  b) Endopore implants c) Implant placement with direct/indirect sinus lifting and more... 

Zirconium crowns and bridges: It is a zirconium core (instead of metal core) with porcelain baked over it. It is strong and completely tooth coloured (no black line). It has excellent esthetic value.

The uniqueness at Amba Health Centre is the holistic approach even in dental treatment. We take help of several alternative therapies for various conditions.

Ozone for Dental treatment

Ozone helps in healing when applied locally. Ozonated oil is used for extracted wound healing. Ozonated water is used for gargling in sore mouths. Ozonated oil is also added in RC sealer.

Ayurveda in Dental Treatment

Instead of giving allopathic medication like antibiotics and analgesics in patients where healing process is slow like debilitated patients or patients with low immunity/healing (candidiasis) power, diabetic patients, we take ayurvedic approach as a local therapy. Gargling of ‘panchwalkal kwath’ solution has shown good results in oral wound healing.

Homeopathy in dentistry

It helps in pain management, infection management and for good healing.


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